bagdonaite studio

Space is, and has always has been, created for the human body to move through and use.

“Inherited” spaces with unique proportions perform an important role for an apartment concept. In this project, spaces with unique inherited spatial features, were highlighted by using different heights, openings and reflective surfaces.

The use of these elements is dedicated towards a spatial experience. Due to the movement from one space to another, the feeling of domesticity decreases as the historical layer unfolds and blends into daily life.

The apartment is divided by a brick wall. This wall is the main element of the interior which stretches across the entire apartment and divides it by unique proportions, which helps to create diverse perspectives.

The reflections in the interior highlight the wall and its importance for the interior, in parallel creating optical spaces in the interior.  The heritage of Vilnius old town is perpetuated in the reflections which are in the glass, metal and mirror surfaces which highlight the wall as an exhibit .

interior  realization

Vilnius, 2022

photos by Andrej Vasilenko