bagdonaite studio

Brolis Timber is located in Paupys, historically, the first industrial development area in Vilnius. Until WWII the district was called Paplauja (the name refers to the rise and descent of water) as it was bordered by the river Vilnia to the north and the springs to the south. In the early 1900s, after dismantling the Vilnius City wall, multicultural merchants, manufacturers and craftsmen, including sawmill operators and carpenters, rediscovered and settled in Paplauja, making it a bustling business area. The current Aukštaičių Street, where the new store can be found, was formerly an artificial channel connecting Vilnius waterways and serving for logistics of logs and other goods.

Wood is the content and source of Brolis Timber production. Therefore, oak log becomes the key interior element – the core and heart – revealing the conceptual layers of design. 

Impressive flow of wood grain embodies the historical layer – the Perkasa channel, which fueled the development of industry and crafts. Epoxy covered surfaces of the extended workplaces and their reflections on the glass partitions symbolize the formerly presence of water.

The second layer is functional – the log serves as a desk and a meeting table, as well as a desktop to develop or showcase production samples. This also hints of the timber manufacturing that once happened in this area. Sliding glass partitions allow to transform the space according to the need – connecting or dividing the areas of the shop and the office.

Thirdly, the layer of nature – organic inclusions of moss and lichens remind of the former landscape and soften the transition from inside to outside, as there is just another larger interior outside the shop’s windows, encompassing all nature and culture around.

interior  realization

Vilnius, 2022

photos by Andrej Vasilenko